Since that faraway January 4 a few years ago, the day the plane carrying Missoni and his friends from Los Roques to Caracas disappeared, we have decided not to take a stand on what might or may not have happened.

We did this for two main reasons: out of respect for the families of the victims and because no one could know and nobody knows yet what happened.

We have suffered passively from the attacks of many people and the media, as often happens in such cases, the play without caringabout the life and other tragedies of people, especially to give a better hearing.

We did it because we are convinced that, little by little, the wave of the news at all costs would be attenuated and then turned off as in many cases happens.

But we are wrong: yesterday a well-known Italian channel, has again transmitted a scandalous and outrageous news related to what had happened, with a series of theories that have more to do with a science fiction film than with reality.

Now a reaction is obligatory,because of the great damage that, with false and biased news,is doing to our work.

We asked for an official replica along with other tour operators living and working in Venezuela to explain, not what happened, because none of us have a crystal ball, but at least the reality of the flights and the means used for transportation, but the hope they give us is little.

Then we try through our channels to explain the situation, making a clear difference between the means used in the different sectors to do the connections.

The island of Margarita is connected to mainland by plane, like the one you see in the picture: Airplanes similar to those that connect to European capitals!

These are larger aircraft than the DC9, to be controlled and authorized by the Venezuelan authorities of several companies: Laser, Aeropostal, Conviasa, Venezolana, Avior.

Los Roques archipelago is connected to Margarita, or Caracas, with flights of the company Aerotuy, legally recognized with aircrafts that are not very big for the size of the runway in Los Roques, but also with planes thatkeep coming and going without problems.

[highlight]comunqueHowever, airplanes that have nothing to do with smaller aircraft are privately owned and have twice disappeared in the ocean over the past five years, without any clues or news.[/fusion_highlight]

And the same can be said of excursions such as: Canaima and Angel Falls, we have been there with our children, without any problem: we do not say it just because!

Travel serenely to Venezuela, it will not be the perfect land, but with the flights we describe we tell you, from our own experience and not just to say it, you will be safe and harmless.

As always, it is about relying on professional people with proven skills.