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Articolo Corriere della Sera

Agostino Gramigna , che ringraziamo, pubblica sul Corriere Della Sera un bellissimo articolo sulla scelta di trasferimento ai Caraibi di Guido Rabà, founder di Italcaribeclub. Schermata articolo corriere della sera Testo Integrale CRONACHE - Corriere della Sera Domenica 26 Agosto 2018 GUIDO, in caribe sulle orme della nonna VITE

Articolo Corriere della Sera2018-08-31T02:44:09-07:00

Commercial flights in Venezuela, only safe flights.

Since that faraway January 4 a few years ago, the day the plane carrying Missoni and his friends from Los Roques to Caracas disappeared, we have decided not to take a stand on what might or may not have happened. We did this for two main reasons: out of respect

Commercial flights in Venezuela, only safe flights.2017-01-31T11:00:07-07:00

María y Juan

Maria and Juan tell us about their experience on the island that, although positive, was "stained" by a technical problem (not from us ... however, we feel responsible). We tell it in the video. Juan faces a very important and meaningful aspect for those who are looking for Italcaribeclub, for

María y Juan2017-01-31T10:55:28-07:00

MOLLO TUTTO INTERVIEW interview Guido Raba from, tour operator in Margarita, Venezuela. A "true" story of those who chose to transfer to the Caribbean, change of life and work habits. An indispensable and unique document for those who are looking for specific information. An interview of almost one hour that answers,

MOLLO TUTTO INTERVIEW2017-01-31T10:35:23-07:00

Newspaper magazine: What they say about us

      Our site and our work receive more consent, so we had many contacts from specialized sites, newspapers and even RAI ... Below you will see the list of all the interviews in various headlines. Interview "MolloTutto" Interview "BeRoad" Interview "BeRoad" - 2 Interview "MolloTutto" - 2 Interview

Newspaper magazine: What they say about us2017-01-31T10:32:57-07:00

The “Quotidiano di Bari” speaks about us

The "Quotidiano di Bari" speaks about us From Puglia to Porlamar for a better life. Guido, from Italy, has been transferred to the Island of Margarita, Porlamar, tired of a reality that had left him prisoner of a stressful life and a problematic and complex work. On the island, he

The “Quotidiano di Bari” speaks about us2017-01-31T10:07:27-07:00

Interview with Ballaro Rai 3

Ballaro, the transmission of theItalian RAI 3, interview with Guido Raba, Italian businessman who moved to the Caribbean. Guido explains some of the benefits of living in the Caribbean and Margarita Island in Venezuela, the ideal goal to transfer and live with little or with the pension. Ideal for

Interview with Ballaro Rai 32017-01-31T09:55:39-07:00 speaks about us is a beautiful Italian portal of reference for kite surfers. Your staff has asked us to make a card on the wonderful beach of El Yaque, known by many as the "paradise" for these athletes.The result is a complete review you can see here: Http:// Of this beach, we speaks about us2017-01-31T09:50:33-07:00

Purple Roofs also speak of us

The purple roofs, is an international blog that deals with travel and vacations for homosexual people.It talks about Margarita Island and its beautiful landscapes. You can read a very interesting article (in English) HERE Italcaribeclub is pleased to offer 360 degree of commercial solutions and it is honored to be

Purple Roofs also speak of us2017-01-31T09:44:57-07:00

The escape continues from the Bel Paese, also backed by Il Sole 24 Ore!

Yes, unfortunately, it is the stark reality. An unbearable fiscal pressure and a type of life currently unsatisfied, push the Italians to look around for options. Given this widespread intolerance, even the largest Italian newspapers have begun to discuss the issue. In fact, some are already starting to expose themselves

The escape continues from the Bel Paese, also backed by Il Sole 24 Ore!2017-01-31T09:41:13-07:00
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