Margarita Island is not only Margarita …

Italcaribeclub gives you two unexplored gems of Venezuela.Far from tourist development, two of the most beautiful islands in Venezuela and the entire Caribbean, Los Testigos (The Witnesses) and La Blanquilla archipelagos.

Archipelago de Los Testigos (The Witnesses Archipelago)

At a distance of 42 nautical miles from the marina of Venetur Margarita, sailing east, lies the archipelago of Witnesses.

It consists of approximately 17 small islets, among which are:TestigoGrande, Conjo, Iguana, Morro Blanco, Noereste, Rangada, El Chivo and Peñón de Fuera.Los Testigos archipelago is inhabited by very few people who depend on fishing.

The British were the first to discover The Witnesses.

Little by little, the fishermen of the island of Margarita and Carúpano (the nearest town on the east coast of Venezuela) arrived to live in total peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and in a corner of the Caribbean where they are well aware of not introducing massive and overwhelming tourism.

Tourists are well received on the island, there is also availability of an inn to accommodate the few tourists who spend a wonderful vacation, and leave everything intact.

Isla La Blanquilla (Little White Island)

The name of the island already anticipates what its characteristics are …

Located north of Isla de Margarita, 83 nautical miles from Venetur marina, it is a beautiful island that consists of 25 km of white sandy beaches and a sea of blue hues that makes it a paradise lost in the Caribbean Sea.

It is a practically uninhabited island, with the exception of a few fishermen.

A tourist destination popular with sailors from all over the world, who do not have on their own territory, any type of tourist facility, so the only way to visit and stay in place is boarding their boats.