Parque El Agua in Margarita is another tourist attraction and entertainment to spend a day of fun.

It is a water park of international prestige with a dimension of 45000 square meters.

The high and incredible slides of up to 18 meters, beautiful swimming pools, artificial streams to navigate and great live shows are the attractions of great entertainment for families visiting the park.

una spiaggia di isla La tortugaIl contatto con la natura

It is a beautiful area built specifically to meet the needs of children: a safe and suitable place for all ages!

For adults, however and especially for those who still want to find a moment of extreme relaxation, there is a huge jacuzzi, with a beautiful view over Guayamurí Hill.

Very pleasant and interesting is the river that crosses the park and that allows them to move slowly to reach each point of the park with inflatable boats.

The highest slide, 18 meters of emotions, is called “Salto Angel” (Angel Falls), also remembering the name of the highest waterfall in the world, always here in Venezuela.

There are showers in park, locker rooms with wardrobes and a lot of variety of fast food.

Bellissime tartarughe marine a Isla la TortugaDefinitely a place to visit!

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