The 35 beaches of the Island of Margarita

Let’s talk about tourism and Margarita Island. Among out YouTube videos you can certainly admire the variety of beaches in our beloved Island and, in an objective way, very few island in the work guarantee almost 168km of seashores!

The most fascinating thing about Margarita Island is precisely the great variety, from beaches full of people, to less frequented seashores excellent to rest; there are ideal beaches for practicing water sports and beaches with calm and shallow waters.

In summary, there is something for every taste!

However, we are going to see in particular some of the most beautiful beaches that make the Island of Margarita unique!


Playa El Agua

playa caribe

spiaggia di Playa Parguito Isla Margarita

Playa El Agua

This is the emblem of the tourism in Margarita. No doubt the most visited, it is characterized by the beautiful coconut palm trees, fine whit sand and a very clear sea.

A fantastic beach where the structures compete with each other in order to get the most tourists from many regions, with an incredible offer of restaurants, hotels and little bars.

Playa Parguito

Center of water sports, among Margarita Island beaches is maybe the most popular. Many national and international competitions take place in a long section bathed by warm waters, with delightful waves and surrounded by exquisite restaurants and places for entertainment.

Playa Guacuco spiagge di Isla Margarita

 Playa Guacuco

Favorite destination of many families, it is not too wide if compared with other beaches:Guacuco is the “shadow of the palm trees”. Here you can also enjoy an excellent and economical meal at the same time.

Spiaggia pescatori Isla MargaritaPlaya Manzanillo

Among the beaches of the island, it is certainly the most picturesque: a typic fishermen town, is the scenario of a beach that is slowly growing in the ranking of the most beautiful destinations.

The stores are managed directly by the fishermen who offer fresh fish to the tourist.

Foto della spiaggia EL Yaque

Playa El Yaque

A young beach full of life! In this case too, sport water competitions are the main attraction. A beach known by many as “the paradise of Margarita Island”. Fine sand present all year long and shallow waters.

Playa Zaragoza a Isla de Ma

 Playa Zaragoza

A characteristic beach next to the charming colonial houses of typical colors and protected by a reef, that makes the sea perfect for families with kids.

Flyboard is practiced in this beach, an aquatic sport that you must try!


Puerto Viejo

Playa Zaragoza a Isla de Ma

A small beach of around 400 meters, surrounded by the calmness and nature.

Fine sand and exuberant vegetation makes Puerto Viejo and excellent choice for those who want to live and experience of pure relaxation!

Playa Caribe a Isla MargaritaPlaya Caribe

Close to the city of Juan Griego, it is a touristic destination that must not be forgotten. Mid-size waves, a long extension of sand and an excellent variety of restaurants makes it one of the most popular beaches.

Punta Arenas Isla MargaritaPunta Arenas

For those who want total relaxation, away from the urban centers, Punta Arena is located at the occidental end of the island.

Lots of sand and few people is the best way of describing Punta Arena!

We are not done yet with the beaches of Margarita Island.

 We will keep talking about the beaches of the island soon.

For now, keep dreaming!

See you soon!