A trip to Los Roques is a unique experience that will transport you to a real paradise on earth!

A Caribbean archipelago of which are hundreds of descriptions on the Internet, more or less extensive, but the extraordinary beauty of this place goes beyond words, beyond black and white and beyond images or videos even if they are of an extraordinary beauty.

It will be the feelings, the emotions and our point of view to give you the best possible description of this corner of paradise. What makes the Los Roques archipelago so beautiful is the coral origin of the 200 islands and 50 keys …

From the air, before landing, you can see the contrast caused by the barrier, between the open sea of deep blue and the clearer and transparent internal waters.

The only populated island of Los Roques is Gran Roque (Big Roque), mostly mountainous, with an airport that welcomes all domestic flights leaving from Caracas and Higuerote, a city about an hour from the capital.

All other islands are uninhabited or inhabited by a few fishermen.

The color of the sea is a dream, these waters give the impression of flying; The blue of the sky merges with the beautiful tones of the turquoise sea, irregularly broken by the dark color of the coral reefs, which often emerge from the water, until reaching the coast, where the intensity of the light blue color is tempered by an even more clearer tone.

The softness of the colors of the sea seems to take you by the hand to the beaches of white and virgin sand, created by the ancient and slow erosion of a special seaweed, characteristic of the place … it is like walking in the snow.

The feet sink pleasantly at every step and the sensation is to be the first to have visited these places, undoubtedly perfect!

The landscapes designed by nature are incredible: sand banks that appear scattered in the middle of nowhere, a very white sand tongue that seems to carry the waves from side to side, almost as if Moses had been there …Viaggi Los roques caraibi low cost

This is the description of “Cayo de Agua”, which is located in the south-western zone of the archipelago, two islets very well connected by a sand corridor, in a territory totally immersed in nature, completely surrounded by crystal clear waters And a rich variety of fauna typical of the Caribbean Sea, an oasis lost in the “sky”.

Non a caso “It is no coincidence that “Cayo de Agua” is among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world; in our opinion, an unattainable beauty!

Equally wonderful is the feeling of being surrounded by beautiful fish bathing in the sea, starfish and coral.

The variety of landscapes is a dream: from white sandy beaches to beaches totally composed of coral fossils, from coastal stretches totally populated by mangroves to shallow waters that resemble a mosaic of “Botutos” (Botuto is a great conical shell typical of the Caribbean).

Every key and every island has its peculiarities.

Los Roques, given to the fact of being a national park, where you cannot build, expand existing buildings, where tourism is well controlled preventing it to be crowded and tremendously destructive, in which there are no large hotel chains such as those present in all tourist places of the world, where more generally the human footprint is highly regulated so that nature is still so charming and intact … it allows us to leave the natural social context in which we are immersed in daily life, and return a little bit to our origins, in complete harmony with nature, in a context that flows slowly and without too many complications and where to live and enjoy the different hours of the day, from dawn to sunset, makes us similar to children facing the majesty of mother nature.

What to do in Los Roques

The day in Los Roques is very simple and besides, who would want a complicated vacation?

We woke up in the morning and as usual, at the chosen inn, we are served a full breakfast (here in Venezuela the most important meal of the day) and then leave immediately!

Every morning from the Gran Roque dock, there are several boats that take tourists to the islands (Information about the islands or cays to be visited will be granted on the day of arrival at the same inn). Arriving at your destination and once the captain has put the beach chairs, the umbrellas and the cava prepared by the inn, in the best place, everything is ready to enjoy a realparadise.

At 4:30 pm back to Gran Roque and after a good drink and a shower, before dinner, you can enjoy a pleasant walk through the streets of the island, where among other things you can walk between the different Gift shops or beach clubs; A good alternative is also a visit to the lighthouse where you can enjoy a priceless sunset.

Usually dinner is served at the inn and, like the other meals of the day, it is included in our standard packages. However, also a good option would be to enjoy the delicious cuisine of the restaurants on the shore of the beach of Gran Roque … we are here to make a reservation for you.

If you are still not too tired, you can spend the night in some place of the island, in the company of good music and your favorite drinks.

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