Terms of sale

Italcaribeclub acts as an intermediary between the clients and the services offered on the website Italcaribeclub.com.We are committed to achieving the total satisfaction of each of our clients, guaranteeing an efficient service, reliability both in advice and organization of tourist services, in the submission and the actual reservation of plane tickets, always trying to take our services to excellence, to obtain a greater confidence on the part of our clients and to be more efficient and productive in each one of our relations with them. This allows our company to grow in the tourism industry in the Caribbean.

Italcaribeclub.com assumes no responsibility for expenses for everything that follows:

  • Loss or damage of personal possessions, illnesses, accidents, labor conflicts, theft, mechanical difficulties, governmental actions.
  • The delays / advances or cancellations of routes of the airlines, with their expenses in charge of the client.
  • Weather, earthquakes, carelessness by the client at the times previously communicated, or following instructions from third parties that are not part of the ItalCaribe Club staff.
  • Difficulties of the clients in obtaining the necessary documents, like a passport or any other document for the trip,which is under the total responsibility of the client.

In that case, you will not be entitled to any refund.

  • Cancellation or interruption, regardless of the reason, without having notified our services, or for any reason outside the direct control of ItalCaribe Club. Otherwise, if the cancellation of any of our services was due to our company, we will attempt to immediately reimburse the total amount paid, at no cost.
  • The request for reimbursement for unused services must be sent directly to ItalcaribeClub, email or telephone call. The refund will depend on the refund policies of the provider that will handle each service. ****(CAMBIARE TESTO IN ITALIANO: IL RIMBORSO DIPENDERÁ DALLE POLITICHE DI RIMBORSO DEI FORNITORI DI OGNI SERVIZIO INTERMEDIATO (TEMPI E PERCENTUALI DI RIMBORSO)
  • ItalcaribeClub keeps all our clients updated on the charges and conditions of the services, either when they are requested, they are carried out normally, or when there are changes. If the cost rate is lower than that reported, the amount resulting from the modification will be applied. If the rate was greater, you will be notified in advance so you can accept the increase or cancel your reservation. In case of cancellation, ItalcaribeClub is not responsible.
  • All reservations must be made through the Internet, social networks, Skype or direct telephone calls, or through the site italcaribeclub.com. We commit to respond within 24 hours of the request, providing, when necessary, packages, estimates or services.
  • Changes to reservations will be made according to the policies of each provider (domestic / international flights, travel, accommodation) and expenses for each change will be communicated at the time of your order. **** (CAMBIARE TESTO IN ITALIANO: IL CAMBIO DI RISERVE SARÁ EFFETTUATO SECONDO LE POLITICHE DEI FORNITORI DI OGNI SERVIZIO INTERMEDIATO ED EVENTUALI SPESE SARANNO COMUNICATE SECONDO IL TIPO DI CAMBIO RICHIESTO)
  • ItalcaribeClub sells services, provides information on all our rates and special offers, recognizing our clients for polite answers and confirmations in the shortest time possible and providing all the necessary information: number of people and identifications (including children under 18). In case of non-compliance of the customer, ItalcaribeClub is not responsible for the extension of the deadlines.
  • In case of delay of flights both domestic and international, we would be grateful if the client wanted to contact us through the following telephone numbers:




+58-412-9876933 * DA RIVEDERE I NUMERI

In the following hours: from 8 to 24.
It is important that customers bring these phone numbers with them in order to notify us about departures and / or arrivals.

For any claim or suggestion, you can send an email to info@italcaribeclub.com

[AT[italcaribeclub [DOT] com