Morrocoy: the Natural Paradise

Venezuela is rich in beautiful beaches and unique because of its beauty, and here it is when we must face the amazing beauty of Los Roques with its beaches of white sands, typically Caribbean Morrocoy National Park.

Morrocoy is located in the state of Falcon, between the towns of Tucacas and Chichiriviche, about 4 hours by car from Caracas.

This park occupies an aquatic surface like Golfo Triste, which contains a great amount of islets (keys) and atolls of natural coral visited daily with excursions.

Among these “keys” we have: CayoPelón, Cayo Sombrero, Cayo Sal, CayoPlayuela and Cayo Peraza.

The beaches of Morrocoy are spectacular as its marine bottom is full of corals and diverse varieties of fish that provide all its splendor to those who decide to submerge in these waters, even with diving equipment.

Being a national park, Morrocoy undoubtedly has carried out a nature in which there are hundreds of species of birds including the flamingo, the heron, the pelican, the parrot and the red cocoroa (or scarlet ibis).

In the park you will also find sea turtles and “morrocoys” (the tortoise from which the park takes its name).

Navigating through a key is likely to be lucky enough to be “escorted” by the wonderful dolphins in these waters.

Visit Morrocoy with Italcaribeclub

All inclusive, is the formula chosen to take you in this natural paradise.

After a few hours by car, of course accompanied by our staff, you will arrive at the chosen inn (see Posada Morrocoy page) and from that moment the enjoyment of a healthy recreation between the white beaches and turquoise sea will be the routine.

Each morning, after a good breakfast, you will be accompanied by the staff of the inn to the departure dock, where we will sail to the discovery of one or more islets in the park … all delicious and charming!

Italcaribeclub Personal Advice

Although the plan includes lunch brought inside the cava, which is taken to the beach by the staff of the inn, it is absolutely advisable to try the fresh fish and lobster that the local fishermen sell to the tourists in the different islands … An unforgettable experience!

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