Isla Tortuga

Have you ever dreamed of living for a few days on a deserted island?

Do you want to make an adventure to discover a virgin paradise, away from “civilization” as it happens in the movies?

Isla La Tortuga is a place that has all these characteristics

Italcaribeclub is lucky to be able to offer complete Tours in this paradise!

La Tortuga is the second largest island in Venezuela, a virgin paradise of coral origin, where nature is the real attraction.

Its beaches of white sands, turquoise sea and a natural spectacle, not yet developed for tourism as few Caribbean islands are blessed to have.

The island does not have any hotel or tourist facilities, so the only way to spend the night, is sleeping in tents located 2 steps from the seashore … a unique feeling!!


Being a national park, it is allowed to visit La Tortuga only on weekends, or national holidays (according to the regulation of the Ministry of Tourism of Venezuela).

Italcaribe offers, through an agreement with the best supplier of the country, two or three days of excursions.

To get to Tortuga is necessary about four hours of navigation from Higuerote (a town an hour from Caracas) with standard or more exclusive boats, as needed.

The departure of the island is always very early in the morning, so we always consider offering a service of quality that includes, the overnight stay before the trip to the hotel in Higuerote, with the transportation in Caracas and the assistance of our staff on mainland.

All our plans include, in addition to the transportation, what is necessary to spend a pleasant and unique parenthesis!

  • Tent with inflatable mattress for the night.

  • All the meals.

  • Water and ice.

  • A small serving of water for a quick shower.

  • Beach chairs and umbrella.

  • A small modern camp with electricity.

  • A boat trip to the islands that make up La Tortuga.

Adesso tocca a te!

Does it feel good the possibility of a unique and unforgettable experience?

Are you willing to let go of comfort for some sensational scenery?

Do you want to leave the normal tourist schemes?

Would you like to try a special experience, where only you and Mother Nature will be together?

Then the experience of Isla Tortuga is something that have to try at least once in your life!

NB: in spite of this excursion where we move away from the so-called “civilization” the safety standards are fulfilled.