Canaima e Salto Angel

When we talk about natural wonders we must talk about this charming corner of Venezuela, completely surrounded by virgin nature, surrounded by the dense vegetation of the Amazon jungle.

Streams, waterfalls, small jumps inserted in a unique corner in the world, which are internationally recognized as a tourist destination.

This is Canaima, a region in southeastern Venezuela, located in Bolivar State, in the middle of the Amazon jungle, with a magnitude of about 30,000 km² (approximately equivalent to the entire area of Belgium).

It was declared by UNESCO as “World Heritage Site”, for its unique characteristics in the world, a wide variety of plants and flowers and the vast majority of different bird breeds. Among the oldest mountains in the world, are the “Tepuies”, with blocks of Millenary stone, flat peaks of the plateau, to which flow several rivers and magnificent beauty jumps.

The water courses and the same lagoon of Canaima have in different points impressive colors, thanks to the presence of minerals like the quartz, that gives the red color to the own lagoon.

The most important and famous natural attraction of this destination is the Angel Falls (Salto Angel), which with its 914 meters is recognized as the highest waterfall in the world. The water comes out through one of the “tepuies” of the region, the Auyantepui, showing all its greatness and its distance from the summit causes the water to reach the ground almost vaporized during the rainy season.

When to visit Canaima?

This is best during the rainy season, which extends from June to December, because only at this time of year the river channels are navigable, allowing you to communicate with the Angel Falls and the classic 2 day navigation up the river (an incredible experience!).

But not only is that, in that time of the year, nature is flourishing in all its variety, making the experience memorable and unique.

Tips Italcaribeclub: Beware of those who offer tours to Canaima in different periods!

To visit this tourist destination are enough 3 to 4 days of stay.

Departure with flight from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz and a connecting flight to Canaima.

Upon arrival in the park, the staff in charge of the inn will help you and accompany you to your lodging, where you will find an excellent family welcome…. and a good welcome cocktail!

Where to stay

Camp Ucaima

The camp is located about 2 km from Canaima Lagoon, on the banks of the Carrao River. It was founded in 1956 by the legendary Rudolf Ruffino (also known as Jungle Rudy) and his wife, currently run by his daughters.

The camp consists of 5 beautiful cabins for a total of fifteen comfortable accommodations, 5 doubles, 3 double, 5 triples, 2 quadruple rooms, all with private bathroom, Wi-Fi in the lobby and excellent ventilation.

It also has a panoramic cafe that serves the best catering service, typical national and international food and a beautiful room with a view where you can enjoy the panoramic view and the surrounding landscape (good for meditation).

The Ucaima is the only field that predisposes a shelter at the foot of the Angel Falls with beds, unlike the normal hammocks prepared by other types of buildings.

Excellent arrangement and organization of good quality, makes of it a point of reference to enjoy the maximum part of this prestigious tourist destination!

Bonus: Escursioni Incluse!

Proprio così,  tutte le seguenti escursioniBonus: excursions included !

  • That’s right, all the following excursions are offered by ItalcaribeClub!

Salto el Sapo y Salto El Hacha (ToadJump and TheAxJump)

While navigating with a“curiara” (typical canoe of these zones) by the Lagoon of Canaima, you will reach Salto El Sapo and Salto El Hacha. You will then arrive at the hills with a magnificent view of the lagoon, where you will have to walk trails and routes that pass below and through the waterfalls … an unforgettable experience!

  • Angel Falls

After going up the Carrao and Churún rivers, in a “beautiful” walk in the forest accompanied by guides, the pemones (native experts of the region) will reach the foot of the majestic Angel Falls, where after a good meal, you will spend the night in the shelter established by the inn. The Angel Falls is a magical place, often immortalized by the directors of documentaries and television programs around the world.