General Introduction

The island of Margarita is an island off the coast of Venezuela,reached with a national flight of about 35 minutes from Caracas. Flights are operated by airlines with safe aircrafts and good service.

The island can be traveled in private rental cars (the driver’s license for foreigners is valid for three months) or by taxi of little cost.At this point, the solution that we recommend to our clients is to use a public transport service, private cars and our staff with a daily maximum cost of 10 euros. Our staff will accompany you to the beaches, shopping centers, supermarkets, souvenir shops and will be available to accompany you to restaurants, clubs or simply to take a ride around the island.

Life on the island offers love for the sea, being the main activity.Every morning it is possible to choose a different beach to spend the day, eat while having your feet in the sand, under the canopy, natural fresh foods including fish and meats, drink birra(light beer) and natural fruit juices in the moment. The costs of restaurants vary depending on the place, but the average cost is between 7 and 12 euros per person, many places are economical, although scattered all over the island are the typical kiosks of hamburgers, hot dogs, empanadas andarepas (Venezuelan food), good food with only 3 euros including drinks.

In addition to this, shopping malls that are like cities, where people buy, eat, drink, meet, take walks with maximum security andextreme tranquility; in fact, the air of the air conditioners are a little bit high!

Theme parks such as Aquapark Playa el Agua, Musipan Park of El Yaque, DiverlandPark and Waterland in Pampatar, where you can swim with the dolphins.There are restaurants along the beach in the bay of Pampatar, clubs and places to dance scattered everywhere with the magic of the Caribbean atmosphere.Horseback riding, excursions toLa Restingalagoon among the mangroves, stars, sea horses and much more, will make your vacation too short to enjoy everything!

The island is duty-free so it is very competitive. The places to buy are definitely the super organized shopping centers such as La Vela, Sambil, Parque Costa Azul, Rattan or the shops of Santiago Mariño Avenue with the stores and colorful features of downtown.

Our company offers the possibility of excursions to Canaima, Los Roques, Delta del Orinoco and La Gran Sabana, as well as day trips to the nearby islands, such as Cubagua, Coche, Los Frailes, focusing all our time on our clients.

What is included in the standard package?

All our packages to Isla Margarita include:

      • International flight to / (ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD) / Venezuela
      • National flight to / Caracas / Porlamar
      • Transfer from / to the airport Porlamar with personnel of ItalCaribeClub
      • Accommodation in hotels selected by ItalcaribeClub with B / B or full board in the residence, or also with accommodations facing the sea, type Apart-Hotel (see details)
      • ItalcaribeClub personal assistance, available with cell phone numbers.

Services NOT included, but available if required:

  • ItalCaribeClub staff assistance at Caracas airport – on request
  • Tours
  • All-included service
  • Luxury travel


The prices of our trips vary from one period to another obviously and, generally for the package indicated above, we have three price ranges. For more information, you can request a quote.

Business conditions – Read carefully: Prices are always approximate and subject to availability check, as they may vary according to the current exchange rate, air traffic, customer specific requirements, individual or group requests, etc.

For example: if a group of four people requires 15 days in an Apart-Hotel, you may have an additional discount to be applied in some periods, but you will not get the same discount in a different period, or when your requested departure from different airports, this can decrease or increase the final price, and so on. Lastly, promotions posted on this site and on Facebook, should be considered exceptional events and subject to availability.

For this reason, we suggest that customers always ask for a quote without any commitment by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.


We use only the primary carriers.

All international flights arrive in Caracas and from there you go to domestic flights. When booking, we will send you a small PDF guide, useful for you to travel during your transit in Caracas and the corresponding transit to Porlamar (Isla Margarita Airport)

National flights, unlike what many believe, runs with normal DC9 aircraft in maximum safety. The flight time to get to Porlamar is about 50 minutes.

Whatever the arrival flight from abroad, you will always have to wait a few hours before boarding towards Porlamar. The reason for waiting is the fact that, although there are flights to the island every 120 minutes, the volume of people coming is very high, so everything is almost always at the limit and you should not, in some way, take the risk of losing the internal flight, due a delay of the international flight.

Such an eventuality could happen in the high season, even up to a day (not two hours) of delay in the departure, or until we find seats availability.

According to us, it is preferable to wait a little bit, to miss a flight. We recommend using the waiting time to go for a ride at the Caracas airport, eat something and use the Wi-Fi connection free of charge (password to connect is WIFIAEROPUERTO)


No vaccines required


To enter Venezuela as a tourist it is not necessary to obtain a tourist visa, because you automatically get 90 days, simply by filling in the “Unique Migration Card”, which will be delivered directly by the personnel of the aircraft during the international flight from Italy.

The document is then sent to the immigration office of Caracas airport.

If you make a mistake or lose it, do not worry, there is one module in front of the immigration desk that will get you another one.


Upon arrival at the airport, on the island of Margarita, you will find the staff of ItalcaribeClub waiting for you and accompanying you to your accommodation.There you will be given the first instructions to fully enjoy your holiday.

In the following days, you will always have numbers of mobile phones of ItalcaribeClub staff, where you will be informed of possible excursions that can be made by yourself, the use of taxis, rental cars, or our personalized company.


Your accommodation at the hotel is always accommodation and breakfast, or full board.

Why do we always recommend accommodation / breakfast and not “all included”?

Because these are not the classic resorts and you do not live the holidays inside a hotel.If you are going to visit the beaches or make excursions, it is usually always outside the hotel.

The food is cheap: a fresh fish meal cooked directly on the beach, and if you wish to enjoy it under an awning, it costs around € 8 … obviously, no one could think of going back to the hotel and giving up such a thing.

“Typical” day on the island

On the island the typical day goes like this: In the morning after breakfast, we go to the beach, choose one of the dozens of beaches available andthen lunch at the seashore. Around 18:00 it starts to get dark, so use the second part of the day (usually at 17:00) to go back to the hotel, take a shower and go for a walk (i.e.: shopping, etc.) while waiting for dinner and then, if you wish, to a nightclub.

That’s why hotels are often “empty” during the day, because people use them mainly to go to sleep, but the rest of the time is spent elsewhere.

Ask for aquote now without commitment, we are waiting for you in Margarita Island!

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