Hello my name is Guido

I was born in Piombino, in the province of Livorno – Italy, and as they say of me: ” I am a sea stone”, in the sense that I belong totally to the sea, the land where I was born. Life has taken me around the world until I reached Florence, where I started a family.

I had a construction company for 20 years, with which to carry out several real estate projects in Italy, especially in Toscana. Suddenly one day, I told myself that this could not be my prison, and so I started looking for where I could live the other half of my life.

Venezuela is a country that I had always heard of in very positive terms, so when I decided to go looking for something new, it was almost natural to think about this country.

When I arrived to Margarita Island, it was like living a dream, the place I imagined was right there … in front of me!

Believe me, the slogan created by the government could not be more appropriate: Venezuela, to know it is your destiny!

After a period in which every person I met on the island, proposed me a good deal of business, and after examining almost everything with such enthusiasm, but also with some healthy foolishness, I have created a tour operator that takes care of bringing clients to Venezuela, and help them to spend a serene and economical stay.

Thus,ItalCaribe Club was born: we take care of everything, plane tickets, transfers from the airport to the chosen hotel, and every small need that the tourist can have while being here with us.

Obviously, over time, my life here changed after meeting Abby, my Venezuelan partner, and the activity of the agency have also grown thanks to her and the help of so many friends that really would be a very long list to write.
Now, after all this time, a dream came true

Sometimes we dream of things that seem impossible, today transformed those dreams into reality, it is done, a job full of honesty, perseverance, determination and a lot of effort, leading me to believe, to love and finally to openItalcaribe Club.Now also in Miami, to continue to give youour services in the USA, we continue to grow even more thanks to you.

I am waiting for you!