Miami “The Magic City”

We call it like that because everything here is magical: the city, beautiful women on the beach, music, that air, a bit “retro”, mixed with Latin charm and why not, even ultra-modern stars and stripes.

It is not like any other city. It is a place where half of the people who live there, or who are passing by, have understood everything and the other half, are meaningless giving lessons of nothing how and why not, without having understood anything.

Miami is also the city of sunshine, color, fun, because every hour is good to do anything, to attend a unique show, or perhaps also that natural, alternating between sunrise and sunset.

It is the city of exaggerations, of the magical “who cares what they think of me” feeling, all free in their ways of dressing to look like as them consider appropriate.

It is the city of beauty, luxury and everything that serves to be comfortable, beautiful women (as well as men), dream cars (yes, those seen in television movies), hotels, and the luxury houses.

Italcaribeclub takes you to Miami to live it to the full, thanks to our office at 1665 Washington Avenue: how many can offer you all of this?

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